Infographics: Babylon


Babylon is the golden empire during ancient times. It is located in Mesopotamia. Nebuchadnezzar II is the famous king of Babylon who conquered Egypt and Israel,the latter for 70 years as written in the Bible. Babylon is famous for the the Tower of Babel – the skyscraping structure that angered God. More than the this tower there are more to Babylon which may not even fit in this infographics. Marduk is their god and divine ruler. The Babylonians invented astrology – just imagine they have hard core telescopes to study the celestial bodies which they believed that they are gods and may predict the future of life here on Earth. The Ishtar Gate is made of glazed blue bricks. Creating these blue bricks during that ancient time is a mystery since you need a sophisticated technology to arrive with this output. And of course who could forget the Hanging Garden? This is said to be built for the Nebuchadnezzar’s most beloved queen. The question is that how were the Babylonians created a system to supply water for the trees and flowers planted at top of each strata. I suppose this makes the Hanging Garden one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.


My style in this infographics is more meticulous as compared from previous blog on Mesopotamia. The difference is that this time I converted the objects to vector using pen tool. As for the previous I easily converted it using Live Trace, a technique I often discouraged by students to use especially of its vector portrait. It really took me longer to finish this. Perhaps 10 to 12 hrs on staggard days. I have to wake up early to create the infographics before going to the office. As for the Ishtar Gate on how I was able to make it symmetrical, I just made half the object, duplicate then Reflect it.

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