Infographics: Ishtar Gate

Ishtar Gate

The Ishtar Gate for me is extremely fabulous. I choose this topic for my infographics out of fascination. It is made of blue glazed bricks by which how they were created during ancient times definitely mystifies modern scientists. It was constructed for the goddess Ishtar. It was said that during the New Year celebration, the statues of Ishtar, Marduk and Adad were paraded through the gate. The bulls, dragons and lions are reliefs sculpted in the gate. They said to accompany the gods on their journey through the Earth.


What challenged me on this infographics is the arrangement of the scales. I guess this measures my perseverance. This reminds me of my high school project in Social Studies wherein I have to make a Philippine map covered with rice grain.

I have to choose three shades of color and tried to prevent the colors from overlapping. I also patterned the color scheme from the actual reliefs. On the bull – the blue green stripes were drawn one by one. For the dragon, each stratum of scales were duplicated. And for the lion, each tip we’re reshaped or else they will look like oblongs.

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