Infographics: Gods of Mesopotamia

infographics gods of mesopotamia

The ancient past has so may records of deities that visited the Earth and civilized humans. Although they seems extra terrestrial in nature, ancient people regarded them as gods. I considered to include the Gods of Mesopotamia since they play an important role in their arts and culture. I included Adad – the god of storms, vernerated as supreme power especially in Syria and Lebanon, Ishtar – the goddess of fertility, love and war, Shamash –  god of sun, artbiter of justice and and patron of travelers and Enlil – god of wind and Assyrian Pantheon.


In this infographics, I incorporated symbolism on the color value. For example, Adad seems to be aggressive so I used red for his clothes and blue for Ishtar and Enlil’s spacecraft wings. Also I used navy blue for the background since they descended from the sky. The most challenging part for me is Enlil’s clothes and spacecraft wing because there are lots of wavy lines.

Spiritual Value

This infographics will always remind me of my belief in a Supreme Being. I should humble myself before God because there are always beings who are far technologically advanced and more powerful than humans. Sometimes humans are arrogant as if they know everything and act as gods but in reality, where just a piece of sand in this cosmic universe.

4 responses to “Infographics: Gods of Mesopotamia”

  1. please make the pictures easier to draw!


    1. Hi Thaya. Why?


    2. Hi Thaya. You want a simpler drawings of this?


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