Infographics: Life in the 90s

infographics life in the 90s

Since there’s a plenty of time to rest, I opened my guitar case, surf on the internet, searched for chords and played my guitar. Everything just flashed back. The way things were done back in the 90s are a lot different today. There used to have the local Songhits to get the chords and lyrics of popular songs and sometimes there are retro songs also. Cassette tapes could be one of the icons of the 90s that gets its magnetic tapes scratched when frequently played.  There were walkmans, radios and karaokes but I could still remember the transistor with cassette player. Posters of famous grunge bands are also popular back then. If you know who’s David Pirner, we’re that of the same generation. Flannels, ripped jeans, Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers  (still famous today) and Dr. Martens sets the fashion trend in the 90s. MTV was the coolest show on television since its production is all about music videos. One of its popular episodes is MTV Unplugged wherein grunge bands play acoustics and yes it’s Nirvana playing All Apologies that you have in mind.

After 20 yrs, I could compare the 90s to MTV Unplugged wherein the lifestyle and music were so manual and printed. There’s less reliance on the internet but still thanks to technology, 90s kids like me could still find the chords, lyrics and MTV videos that were lost in time.

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