Lifestyle Photography: American Eagle Outfitters at Greenbelt 3


July seems to be the month “Sale” season. Sale tags are hanging everywhere in the malls and yes I’m a fan of sale items. Rare you will find me buying during summer, and year-end holidays. I came to pass by Greenbelt 3 in Makati. And I saw these American Eagle poloshirts with their prices cut down from 1,389 PHP to 625 PHP. I bought 2 pieces because I will use them at work. American Eagle is one of my favorite brands. Their poloshirts are really soft and comfortable to wear. I also love the way their logo was designed as well as the imagination it brings me. What comes to my mind are the Native American culture wherein they give great importance to the personality of eagles – strong, bold, intelligent and wild.



I tried to use my Nikon digicam like I used to do with my previous blog. But the image is not that good so I turned on my YongNuo LED lights and used my dslr.

Camera Body: Nikon D610

Lens: Tamron 18-300 mm; F 3.5-6.3

Shooting Mode: Shutter 1/20

Picture Control: Vivid

ISO: 500

White Balance: Incandescent

Active D-Lighting: High

Lighting System: YongNuo LED; 50 White; 50 Tungsten; 3000 K

Lesson learned for today is that having no budget will not stop you from studying photography. Use whatever opportunity and available resources you have at present present time. There’s a lot to learn from simple things which you may think easy, but it’s not.


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