Lifestyle Photography: H & M Basics & Nikon’s Set Picture Control

I was rushing to finish my shoot. And since I’m cramming that moment, this means RE-WORK. As usual, still being overwhelmed with Nikon’s Mercury-Vapor Fluorescent White Balance , I failed on capturing the right colors of these H & M clothing. The blue-shorts turned violet blue. When I changed to Day White Fluorescent, I still got the same color. So I tried changing my Set Picture Control to Neutral. There you go, I got the realistic colors with dramatic background.

Also I was successful on removing the shadows by placing the LED light on top of the subjects. If you will notice on my previous posts, there are shadows outlining the shirts since the lighting was placed on the side.

There really are so much to learn on everyday life. Simple things are worth studying. I remember BBC documentary about Michaelangelo, a chisel can make a giant sculpture.

Camera Body: Nikon D610
Lens: Tamron 18-300 mm; F 3.5-6.3
Shooting Mode: Shutter 1/30
Picture Control: Neutral
ISO: 250
White Balance: Daw White Fluorescent
Active D-Lighting: High
Lighting System: YongNuo LED; 50 White; 50 Tungsten; 3000 K

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