If there’s something that will define the 90s Grunge Era, one is Ripped Jeans. Perhaps back then, fashion designers are not yet accustomed to this kind of style and ripping out one’s pants is definitely hand-made. But nowadays when those kids who grew up in the 90s and setting the current artistic ideas liberated the denim jeans. Ripped jeans are  all over the malls and notice that they way they were tattered or scratched is STANDARDIZED…. When I asked a sales crew, they explained that this ripping is done by a machine. How it operates, I did not ask. The difference of the 90s and 2010s ripped jeans is the choice of jeans. In the 90s, these were done on a Straight-cut jeans, the dominant style during that time. At present time it’s done on a Boyfriend style and I wonder why6. But there’s one 90’s music who wear ripped jeans on a Boyfriend’s style – Soul Asylum’s David Pirner. Here’s the photo of him wearing a ripped Boyfriend. He’s playing Runway Train here.

david pirner



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