Programming: An Essential Skill for a Multimedia Designer


Programming: An Essential Skill for a Multimedia Designer

by Ox

Mapua Institute of Technology, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines

January 18, 2017

This paper outlines the importance of programming skills to a multimedia designer depending on the field of expertise. The topic was further enhanced by adding Field of Expertise and sample art works were provided to support the conclusion.

The use of multiple media such as voice, video, images and data are innovated by the evolution of information technology by using applications that have the capability to create graphics, dynamic websites, animation and edit photos and videos. Since multimedia is software-based, programming skills is important to a multimedia designer. However, its importance comes on a certain degree depending on the field of expertise and output that is required from a multimedia designer.

Conceptual Framework
Figure 1.  Straight Concept on the Importance of Programming Skills to a Multimedia Designer


From the assumption we can propose a straight concept that a multimedia designer is required to acquire “vague” software development skills thus one must study programming languages such as HTML, PHP, ASP and Java to name few.

Figure 2. Comics for Straight Concept on the Importance of Programming Skills to a Multimedia Designer.


Figure 3.  The Concept of Adding “Field of Expertise” Variable

But if variable – Field of Expertise is added, we can further assess the value of programming skills to a multimedia designer. The Field of Expertise or specialization will determine the Tools and Output that is required from the multimedia designer.


Figure 4. Comics for the Concept of Adding “Field of Expertise” Variable


Table 1. Field of Expertise, Tools and Output from a Multimedia Designer


To support the matrix, sample artworks are provided below.

Based on the output, only creating a Webpage required HTML Web Programming Language thus we can conclude that if a multimedia designer aspires to become a web designer, acquiring programming skills is highly essential.


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