The Role of Multimedia Arts to Virtual Reality

Rationalism refers to any view appealing to intellectual and deductive reason as the source of knowledge or justification. Rather than to being a “tabula rasa” to be imprinted with sense data, the mind is structured by, and responds to mathematical methods of reasoning.

  • Reality has a rational structure in that all aspects of it can be grasped through mathematical and logical principles.
  • Intuition, knowledge and concepts are innate.
  • Reality based on math and logic – refers to Virtual Reality created by businesses, IT engineers and multimedia artists or the so-called internet world which is both mechanical and digital in nature as it is run by infrastructures or machines that only read bytes made of number 1 and 0. Computer literate humanity plunged on the web due to its interactive nature designed and populated by multimedia artists.

Social Cognitive Theory by Albert Bandura
Social Cognitive Theory proposes the following concepts:

  • Observational Learning – behavior is learned from the environment through the process of observational learning.
  • Mediational Processes – occur between stimuli and response. These are Attention (exposure), Retention (remembered), Reproduction (perform behavior) and Motivation (the will to perform behavior).

Tutorials from Youtube and eLearning are examples of Observational Learning wherein all the users will watch the video and apply it on his own. The user can repeat the observed action until he or she perfected the procedure.

Social Cognitive Theory by Muzafer Sherif and Carol Sherif
Social Cognitive Theory states the following:

  • Attitude change is mediated by judgmental processes and effects.
  • Receiver’s reaction to a persuasive message communication will depend centrally on he or she assess the point of view it is advocating.
  • Ego-involvement – if the person finds the issue has significance, centered to one’s sense of self, important and holds position.
  • Assimilation Effect – occurs when the receiver perceives the message as advocating a position closer to his or her own position than it actually does.
  • Contrast Effect – occurs when the receiver perceive the message as advocating a position further away from his or her own position further away his or her own position than it actually does.
    Political campaigns from taglines, prints, photos, video and social network are used to mediate a political person. Such as Erap para sa Mahirap, Change is Coming, Make America Great Again.

Medium Theory by Marshall McCluhan, 1969
Medium Theory proposes that medium itself as a message. The personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of extension of ourselves results from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each any extension of ourselves or by any new technology. Content of any medium is always another medium.
Each media has personality. Pen and ink are used for dark, macabre or even grotesque illustrations. Paintings are often vibrant and dynamic. Vector graphics are mechanical while photo editing is narcissistic. 2D animation is playful and 3D animation is hypereal. Mobile photography and viral videos are content oriented while DSLR and videography are dramatic.

Synthesis, Multimedia Influence and Usage to Teaching
This virtual reality or the Internet appeals to human through multimedia. It caught our attention, embed it our personal system and even moved our world inside it. Let use multimedia and tools to contribute to the body of knowledge rather than feeding human narcissism, vanity and neuroticism. Let us guide the succeeding generation who have love for knowledge arts to use the internet and tools properly such as to restore history preserve culture, encourage multimedia research, save the environment, improve technology, resolve present issues and visualize the future.

McLeod, S. (2011). Bandura – Social Learning Theory
The Basics of Philosophy. Rationalism
McCluhan M. (1964) Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, pg. 2.

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