Infographics: Information Technology is a Cheesecake


The large businesses around us is run by a corporation. It can be a university, a bank or your favorite pizza house. A corporation is composed of Stakeholders, Finance, Sales and Marketing, Administration, Human Resource, Retail Operations, Customer Service and our hero – Information Technology.

Information Technology is composed of Operations Support, Application and Infrastructure. The Infrastructure is extended to a Data Center that houses an environment of core switch and network appliances, servers arranged in rack and storages. The primary environment that run the business systems is called a Production while the backup is called the Disaster Recovery. There are also Development for application build and Test environment. Maintaining a Data Center is costly as it may require monthly rental and acquisition of IT assets.

Cloud computing is the solution to cut the cost. It works by allowing cloud providers to maintain the data centers. Corporations will just pay for the services used like the way electricity is being billed. However, most of the corporations are still conservative to migrate cloud services due to risk and compliance and of course the migration process especially for systems running on mainframes.

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