Infographics: 1990s Grunge Frontmen

Grunge music is a revolutionary phenomena that changed arts and mass culture. To powerful that it brought underground music overground. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana was credited for this revolution. Other bands that also has become rock icons are Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains (my personal favorite), Soundgarden and Stone Temple Pilots. Except for STP, these bands came from Seattle.

Grunge music is accompanied with visual arts. There is a widespread use of various media such graphic, prints, photography and of course videography. Even viral videos of the musicians are documented giving an impression that they are real people and not manipulated by media.

What I like about Grunge is that they revealed the truth about life which is sometimes dark and tragic. Their lyrics are introspective crossing the borders between the inner self and harsh environment, of avenue between life and death. Life’s imperfection is beautiful as it is which is being smokescreened especially by social norms and commercial advertisement.

Grunge music has lay low by the 2000 but its visual arts continues. Grunge Design is now a formal genre of multimedia. In Adobe Illustrator, there are Grunge Vector Pack Strokes while in Adobe Photoshop, there are Grunge and Urban Decay Brush Presets. Grunge design is characterized with heavy scratched lines, chiaroscuro, coarse texturing.

Thanks to all the musician, artists and IT engineers who continued contributed to Grunge world.

infographics grunge

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