Infographics: Iconic Computers & Realism

infographics iconic computers

I made this infographic as part of my research paper on one of my subject. This is my first attempt torepresent my illustration as 90s Old School when the use of graphic software is not yet so rampant like today. I was inspired by the movie Beavis and Butthead Do America by Mike Judge. So many flashbacks came to me like MTV commercials, Hey Arnold and the Simpsons which share almost the same genre of flat cartoons. I’ll discuss this more on my next post.

I’ve created this before the Grunge Frontmen. I used signpen V05 and totally clean up the strokes. I noticed that it they were really thin. I also tried to create cracks using Adobe Illustrator by taking pictures on the wall and let Adobe Photoshop Magic Wand decide what to retain.

The theory behind this as required by my professor is to pick one philosophical approach and I used Realism since multimedia just like information technology is output based and at the end of every course, students SHALL deliver an artwork in form of prints, web, animation or video.


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