Angry Chair

angrychair 20170627

I grew up listening to Alice in Chains songs. One of my favorite is Angry Chair. It has a highly visual lyrics I can see each line in my mind’s eye. I tend to relate to the song when I started facing the complexity of adult life.

For the technicalities, this is my first attempt to experiment on texturing which should have been part my previous research paper. Due to time constraint I was not able to include this and decided to continue. The goal also is to combine traditional and digital methods of design.


  1. Listen to Alice in Chains album.
  2. Write the lyrics and pickup the objects you want to include in the picture.
  3. Freehand drawing paper then create the final output on tracing paper using drawing pen .7.
  4. Scan then import and clean in Photoshop.
  5. Click and drag the object to Illustrator then convert to vectors using Live Trace.
  6. For texturing, apply acrylic red paint on watercolor paper using palette knife on the first layer.
  7. For the White and Pink scratches, use thread and smear vertically and horizontally. Pink is chosen since it’s a gradational color between red and white.
  8. Use DSLR and a 28 mm lens to get the details. Specs are Manual Mode, Aperture = F9 Shutter = 1/15, Vivid , +4 Sharpness.
  9. Import texture to Photoshop with resolution of 300.
  10. Click and drag vector objects to Photoshop. Place layer under the texture.
  11. Right click texture layer then select Clipping Mask.
  12. For the fonts, they place them on top most.

Angry Chair by Alice in Chains

Sitting on an angry chair
Angry walls that steal the air
Stomach hurts and I don’t care

What do I see across the way, hey
See myself molded in clay, oh
Stares at me, yeah I’m afraid, hey
Changing the shape of his face, aw yeah

Candles red I have a pair
Shadows dancing everywhere
Burning on the angry chair

Little boy made a mistake, hey
Pink cloud has now turned to gray, oh
All that I want is to play, hey
Get on your knees, time to pray, boy

I don’t mind, yeah
I don’t mind, I-I-I [2x]
Lost my mind, yeah
But I don’t mind, I-I-I
Can’t find it anywhere
I don’t mind

Corporate prison, we stay, hey
I’m a dull boy, work all day, oh
So I’m strung out anyway, hey

Loneliness is not a phase
Field of pain is where I graze
Serenity is far away

Saw my reflection and cried, hey
So little hope that I died, oh
Feed me your lies, open wide, hey
Weight of my heart, not the size, oh

I don’t mind, yeah
I don’t mind, I-I-I [2x]
Lost my mind, yeah
But I don’t mind, I-I-I
Can’t find it anywhere
I don’t mind, I-I-I

Pink cloud has now turned to gray
All that I want is to play
Get on your knees time to pray, boy

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