The Punk & Brick Texturing

the punk 20170629

I was looking for tracing paper when I saw this Thai Guardian The Punk with the message “He will keep your heart Full of Fun and Joy.” He’s very cute and even if he’s the Baby Boomer’s early icon, I bought it. I love the concept of the message. Just imagine the Punks of the 80’s could be the soaring leaders of today who probably having hangups by clashing with us Grungist and Millenials.  Haha! Just kidding. But then, The Punk is right. Even if we grow up and pressured with responsibilities, we must not forget being carefree like when we were teenagers.

Procedures on Texturing

  • Concept – Brick Texturing
  • Support – Illustration Board
  • Applicator – Palette Knife and Paintbrush
  • Paint Medium – Reeves Acrylic
  • Additive – Liquitex Modeling Paste


  • Nikon D610, Nikkor 28 mm
  • Manual F8, 1/8
  • Lighting – Light stand LED, Sidelight
  1. Using illustration board, cut rectangles the glue them to an illustration board.
  2. Apply modeling paste using palette knife then have it dry.
  3. Mix red and yellow acrylic paints then apply using paintbrush.



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