About Texturing

As I study Grunge Design, I realized that what makes a design grungy is the distressed texture – stained, scratched, faded, washed, decaying, uneven, torn, leaking and cracked. As much as I want to concentrate on illustration alone, it’s hard to separate Grunge Design from painting and Photoshop. What I did is to pull out my Acrylic paints from the storage. Fortunately I have an Acrylic painting book as my reference. This is where I got the ideas on the mixtures like modeling paste and gesso. I have tried the Liquitex modeling paste and it gives that wall like surface which is perfect. I haven’t tried gesso yet. I also used applicators like palette knife, roller, squegee and sandpaper to scratch the surface. For the poster above, here are the procedures:


  • Concept – Grunge with gradiation of colors from the center.
  • Support – Acrylic paper
  • Applicator – roller
  • Paint – Acrylic
  • Additive – None


  • Concept – Grunge, grave and soul
  • Support – Acrylic paper
  • Applicator – Palette knife and squegee
  • Paint – Acrylic
  • Additive – Modeling Paste


  • Concept – Grunge turned Rustic
  • Support – Acrylic Paper
  • Applicator – Palette knife, paintbrush and sandpaper
  • Paint – 3 layers of acrylic
  • Additive – Modeling paste

For the composition, please refer to my post on Angry Chair. I’m looking forward to study Texturing more on the suceeding months. 

Thank you for taking time to read my post.  

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