Thinking Not Outside But Rather How to Make a Box 

I was asked if I can teach packaging design. As part of vector graphics crash course, indeed I can make one in Adobe Illustrator. On the second thought I guess I should start on doing it manually at least I don’t need to rush at Fax N Parcel in Megamall, Mandaluyong to enseure a quality printing. Nowadays, I’d love to do design using analogue method since I truly fell in love with Acrylic and Texturing. Every experiment leads to another. 

Here are the procedures:

  1. Get a small carton box of Kellog’s Corn Flakes. Kellog’s is said to be the first to use carton box packaging. 
  2. Measure the Die Lines using ruler in centimeters. 
  3. Draw the die lines exactly on a folder. 
  4. Cut the folder.
  5. Fold gently. 
  6. Create stencil in a bond paper or drawing paper. When I used tracing paper then applied acrylic, the stencil was raised and overly distressed the fonts.  I was bit frustrated so I used a white marker on the “design”.
  7. For the “packaging”, first it was just yellow but was unreadable. I reapplied again but alas aluck. I tried to make a flesh background and still not a good idea. Then I applied the red ochre paint, redo the stencil and use yellow palette knife to repaint. 
  8. When I handover this to my friend, she folded it and rotate is since the design extends on different parts of the box. 

As to the quote “Think Outside the Box”, I often hear this which I found overused. Sort of thinking new ideas. But then when these ideas worked, they become the box or in corporate terminology – a framework or in academe – a construct. But definitely, packaging designs are always outside the box and not within. No wonder artists always think outside the society’s construct. Artist themselves create their own boxes…unruly. 

Thank you for reading!

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