Packaging & Ocean Design 6: Isosceles Trapezoid Squid Pasta Food Takeout

package squid pastapackaging squid

Design Rationale

What I have in my mind when I was working on this is the Old Spaghetti House Pasta Negra. Instead of the usual tomato sauce used for a pasta, Squid ink is used that makes the pasta black. I also searched on the recipe and pickup those that are sea -related which are clam and anchovies. These made the content.

For the shape of the package, instead of making it a rectangle, I made it an isosceles trapezoid which took me 4 tries to finalize the measurement. This can also be enclosed without gluing because it has tuck in front.

For the coloring, I used acrylic and it’s my first time to use detailer paintbrushes which I believe I need more practice. The goal also is to make the painting similar to vector graphics.

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