Freelancing is Cool

It has been 10 years since I am doing freelancing and it is cool. I guess the major change is the way we apply for work and the way we transact. Before i gain local clients through referrals but then now there is Email was used for delivering materials but now even Facebook messenger is utilized especially for exchange of comments. Skype was there already and still being used today especially for business when Microsoft acquired it. And yes Paypal was there too. As technology emerged, more possible freelancing jobs are made available. Other than graphic design and web development, back office jobs like recruitment and accounting are freelanced too. Freelancing is being embraced by todays workforce who want explore a world outside the corporation. Freelancing gives you freedom to hone your skills, expand your network, get lots of extra source of income and most of all be yourself all the time. Youre paid for your skills and not to play the political game. That makes freelancing coolest!

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