Nostalgic Art – 70s Graphics

It is human nature to look back at his or past. I just noticed that even if our technology advances, technology itself builds its own virtual portal to its nostalgic past. For example is Youtube – I wonder how many storages contain old music videos like that of Cat Stevens. Wild World and Morning Has Broken are my favorite Cat Steven songs back in the 70s . The 70s is a psychedelic era characterized by hallucinogenic graphics. Photos and videos seems to have high levels of magenta and cyan. This at time was caused by the blend of pop art and emerging technology that time. As time progressed photos and videos became high definition. But then when mobile photo editing apps came, these 70s style resurfaced to the popular trend especially in Instagram. This effect is now called Filters wherein you can saturate, multiply and cooled the colors. In photoshop, this can be achieved through Layer Effects like Saturation and Curves. For this, I used Adobe Spark Post to edit Cat Stevens photo.

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