Acrylic Ink Painting – Ancient Egyptian Boatman

In this video, I will test Strathmore Toned Tan Sketch Paper. It is 9 x 12 inches 118g/m2. I will also test Golden High Flow Acrylics Turquoise. For the materials, I have a new ceramic palette, Borciani Bonazzi Paintbrushes, a jar of water and Dong A black blue gel pen. It is this black blue that I want to achieve. I put a little amount of ink in the palette and it is greenish. 

I am doing a swatch now, actually I only have 1 color. When compared to Dong A Black Blue gel pen, their colors are different which means I need to do more research on how to achieve this black blue color. 

The goal for this drawing/painting is to improve my illustration skills. I mentioned many times that my painting is limited because of my drawing skills. There is this kind of feeling that I want to put the details and I become confused and that I tend to simplify it. Sometimes I feel like simplifying the details makes it less interesting. 

For the concept of  the boatman, it is based on various Ancient Egyptian Art like wall arts that portrays their daily life like ordinary man fishing or having leisure time in the Nile. Also there are depictions that suggest a way to the underworld or what the Ancient Egyptians called Amenta. Some also tell about the boat of eternity where the Gods ride on their way to stars and beyond. I will leave it to your imagination but the concept attracted me much. 

For the character design as usual, it is a pharaonic figure with a lean figure and slim waist. Although of course this is not a pharaoh, an ordinary boatman rowing in the river. I also want to study human anatomy, specifically male anatomy as well as masculine beauty. I think there is more action in drawing men as well as it should be bolder too. Even in graphic design, I like dark, grunge and bold design.. But ugh no clashing of vibrant color please. Probably that’s the reason why I like Dark backgrounds to toned down flashy saturated colors.

Here I am drawing face and the stripes on the headdress. I researched on the headdress of Ancient Egyptians and it is called Nemes. It is worn by pharaohs covering the crown with Uraeus. But even the commoners also wear this. I tried to find more information but it seems it is called Nemes also its just it doesn’t have a crown. This Nemes is very iconic because if youre asked to think of an Egyptian character that headdress will surely comes to your mind as well as the pharoahs posture with crossed arm holding crook and flail. I cannot help but think of that striped deep blue and gold nemes of Tutankhamen’s mask. There goes this question again that what if it is a navy blue neme.  

Then I am drawing the skirt. It was said that their clothing are made of linen. By which linen are made of flax plants. I haven’t seen a flax plant. I only know it through the facebook game Farmtown. I did not know what it is used for, only now that I researched it. Linen is not a common fabric here in my country and is expensive, often four times the common fabric. Linen is also used as a painting surface and are also very expensive. I wonder if I go to Egypt, surely there will be an abundance of linen and perhaps they could be cheaper. It sounds very interesting to me. Or I can imagine myself painting on linen – very fabulous. For now I can make a painting of a skirt and imagine that it is made of line.

I put some shadows to add contour and make it look bolder. As much as I want to put highlights and shadows, it is a bit limited because I only have one color of ink. I also tried to dilute the ink using water to get a lighter shade. For the boat, It is grungy and I just l just let some dry brush technique. I should have tried my flat brushes instead. I really feel like putting on some gradation so I took my liquitex basic titanium white acrylic and dilute it in water. It becomes a mint green. You see I am not a fan of green shades but I like mint green shirts, bubblegums and ice cream. Since it is also greenish, it reminds of the Egyptian God Osiris. If you will notice he is either green or gray. Osiris is the first mummy and has become the God of the underworld after he was murdered by his brother Seth and was resurrected byhis wife Isis. Maybe I can use this turquiose once I create a painting about osiris. One time I made a painting of Horus with a greenish theme but I really can’t stand it.   


In conclusion, I like Strathmore Toned Tan and Golden High Flow Acrylics. I was thinking of buying new colors like Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Carbon Black, Titanium White and Alizarin Crimson. They have various sets of Drawing, Assorted and Markers. I just buy individual colors but some are out-of-stock. There is also this Indigo Anthraquinone that is making me curious. But for sure it is blue violet.    

I am also excited to see how the shades of paynes gray and burn sienna will work in toned Tan. while thinking perhaps I will use Golden Artist Soflat and see how it works. 

I hope you like my video of The Ancient Egyptian Boatman. BTW I’m a graphic designer. I also create websites, motion graphics and video editing. To know more of my services, please also visit my website to see also the gallery of my artworks. Thank you for watching. 

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