Dog on a Beach

This is my second painting inspired by my travel. In the previous video havent mentioned the place. It is in Calayo, Nasugbu, Batangas, Philippines. This is also one of the scenes I saw during the afternoon walk. I saw this dog relaxing on a beach. It is like a restraining force during the hot afternoon with lots of fun. 

In this painting, I have some add on technique such as underpainting and color theory. The underpainting is a mixture of Cadmium Primrose, Napthol Red and Titanium White. For the color theory, the colors are sitting next to each other in the color wheel. 

Theres teal for the background and brown for the dog and sand. It is not common for me to use shades of green. This teal is a combination of Cadmium Primrose and Ultramarine Blue. This background gives the illusion that there is the sea at the back. Actually the dog is facing the scene and at its back is the crowd. 

The challenging part is the color of the dog and the sand. Since they were both brown, only the sand is reddish and the dog is grayish. I was able to separate them by desaturating the dog’s fur into more grayish tone. As a whole the colorscheme is almost similar to the actual color of red sand and green water. 

While working this painting I felt overwhelmed with learning Golden SoFlat. It was quite hard to manage it at first but it is a lot of fun. I am also happy to finish it fast because this a small painting and I was able to make a video fast. It is a good pointer that when doing an art vlog, a small artwork with lots of details is sufficient.

I hope you like my video on Dog on the Beach. Perhaps it helps you on your art journey to success and beyond. BTW I’m a graphic designer. I also create websites, motion graphics and video editing. To know more of my services, please also visit my website to see the gallery of my artworks. Thank you for watching and to my 55 subscribers who supports my video. 

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