Golden Acrylics: Color wheel

Creating a color wheel is a helpful framework to organize your paint hues or color. Color wheel is familiar to most people. But for the case of paint, since they are pigments and are chemicals, they behave differently. Color wheel made of paints may have variation on the usual CMYK color wheel printed on books or exported as image file. Like for example the case of red violet. If printed, it appears to be magenta. But when I used Golden Acrylic Cadmium Red and Ultramarine Blue, it’s more like a maroon. The CMYK violet is blue violet, the cyan is bluegreen and the skyblue is dark teal. So don’t be frustrated if your color wheel  is different from what you see on the web. It is possible to achieve it by mixing other colors like titanium white. Color wheel helps you to get to know your paints more so there’s no need for you to buy more paints. If you’re able to produce 12 hues out of 3 paints then if you add neutral colors – Titanium white, Mars Black and gray ( Titanium White + Mars Black), thus (12 x 4 = 48) you can produce 48 more variations through changing their tonal values.

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