Horse Skull Drawing using Derwent Drawing PEncil, Blender and Gamblin Gamsol

In one of my last videos – Ears of Grain, I thought of a semi-mummified horse but my skill is still limited. So I guess starting with drawing it’s skull is a good practice. Also in the video of drawing a Hamburger, I cannot blend colors because the Derwent Drawing Pencil set I am using is crayon meaning they are made of wax and are not water-soluble. There are other Derwent varieties that are water-soluble. 

In my research, one way to dissolve drawing pencils made of crayons is by using solvent. Since I trusted Gamblin with their matte varnish, I decided to test their Gamsol also. Same as their matte varnish, it is made with quality – it dissolved the crayons without damaging the paper. Also it is odorless. It’s viscosity is like that of alcohol. Also it was said that the primary use of Gamsol is to clean brushes used for oil paintings by which I haven’t tried. Upto now I’s still having trouble cleaning my brushes. Perhaps I will make another video for it.  

For the materials I used, the paper is Canson Dessin Noir which is very good for sketching, chalky, matte styles. For Derwent Drawing Pencils, I used three neutral hues of Chinese White, Cool Grey and Ivory Black to achieve the gradation of colors for this monochromatic image. These hues also reminds me of shadow, midtone and highlight to create gradation effect. Also sometimes it feels relaxing to the eyes to just look at black and white image. The Gamblin Gamsol made a perfect job for dissolving the crayons. It was able to smudge and blend the colors. The combination of these materials are perfect for dark arts if you’re a fan. You see I am a fan of dark arts because the dark hues always add mystery to the artwork. Other than aesthetic value, I think think this is good for those who are in the field of medical science. It reminds me of comparative anatomy wherein I have to dissect frog, cat and dogfish. We were asked to use drawing pencil by which I wasn’t a fan of until I was able to use Derwent Drawing even more after using Gamsol.            

I hope you like my video of drawing horse skull. BTW I’m a graphic designer. I also create websites, motion graphics and video editing. To know more of my services, please also visit my website to see also the gallery of my artworks. Thank you for watching.  

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