My First Travel Painting: Boat on a Beach

Hello everyone and finally I was able to produce another painting video. First of all I would like to thank my 53 Subscribers and I hope you keep on watching my video. Some I personally know who recently subscribed are Logan and Omie. 

So what’s up to me. It has been 3 weeks since I posted my last video. So many things happened recently and it feels like an OVERHAUL. After a long time, too long that I cannot even remember, I invited my college friends to meet up and like a flash of lightning they came around. It was very touching and it really feels good to be reunited. Seeing old friends is like looking in an old mirror, you see your old reflection in their eyes.  

I told myself that when I came there I will shoot videos. But I ended up having fun and enjoying the wine, sand, beach, nightsky and lightning. Thanks to my friend Omie she got so many photos of us and that I only have maybe more or less 10 photos and 3 videos.  

At night sitting in the sand you can see flashes of lightning across the horizon. This a very rare scene. I enjoyed it a lot, especially that I love the storm, thunder and lightning. But this time it was dark and silent. 

Feeling refreshed, it gave me lots of new ideas. It was said that when your mind is relaxed, creativity takes place. When I came back, my stuff was a mess as usual. And with fresh new ideas coming in, then my fresh ideas turned into mess also and thats fun part of living when your ORGANIZED mechanical life becomes a chaos and you realized that you’re alive.

Inspired by the trip, I decided to do a painting. One is this, the Boat on a Beach. This is a matte acrylic on Canson Aquarelle painting. And another milestone – I finally was able to learn to use Golden SoFlat. After 6 attempts, I created a painting by which I almost gave up. I realized that when working on Golden SoFlat, it is better if you work on small size – 7 x 4.3 inches and that you have to treat it like an illustration. Making it linear enhances how it looks. This is just my observation but of course you can experiment on your own creative ways. 

For the techniques, I changed the color scheme into night sky theme. The photo was actually taken during an afternoon walk on the beach shore with Merc. Enjoying the coarse sand and warm seabreeze is different from enjoying the water. While talking about our past and present lives I saw this boat floating quietly on the water. I was attracted to it and took a photo. Between the sand and water there are separate worlds – the beachfront with lots of noise and fun and silent water and yet so alive.  

The surrounding is actually greenish but as usual I converted it to Payne’s Gray.. but this time I made my own Payne’s gray recipe of mixing Ultramarine Blue and Noir not Mars Black this time. I also used Red Oxide, Napthol Red, Cadmium Primrose and Titanium White.

Other things that I learned aside from painting is this Youtube Shorts. I was posting on but received few views. But when I posted a video from this sample, it reached 1.3K views. I don’t know how it worked. Maybe because the content is about traveling or the hashtags are #beach and  #philipines. I can only guess that traveling is a collective unconscious of people around the globe that have stronger desires especially because of the 2 year locked down due to coronavirus. It was uploaded at the right time because it was summer here in the Philippines and by default, going to beaches is a must. I feel like getting closer to my hypothesis that there’s a lot of benefits from traveling. When I was younger I love to go out-of-town. But as I worked in the office before, schedules are getting tighter and there’s less time for traveling. I thought burning myself out to work is the solution to have a better life but I guess I was wrong. I guess this is the right time go out in the world again and enjoy its beauty whether its a city, land or seascape. I think traveling is a good investment too even if there are lots of competing travel vlogs across the web.    

I hope you like my video on Boat on the Beach I hope it helps you on your art journey to success and beyond. BTW I’m a graphic designer. I also create websites, motion graphics and video editing. To know more of my services, please also visit my website to see also the gallery of my artworks. Thank you for watching and I would like to thank Merc and Omie for this wonderful experience. 

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