Why Learn Painting?

I decided to create this video because I have been receiving lots sof inquiries about acrylic painting. As much as I want to paint what Ilike but might as well answer the inquiries and that I made a simpler painting with lot of freedom and colors which is often not my style at all. But somehow I am hoping that Ill convince to pick some paint and start learning the skills of painting. If you are watching this video, you are probably someone who is interested in painting or in the arts but was not able to pursue because something or someone discouraged you.  

Before answering what is acrylic painting, might as well get into generic question WHY LEARN PAINTING? WHy will you invest time, money and effort on a skill by which is not common in the corporate industry.  

As of the time of producing this video, I have been doing self-study of acrylic painting and dI am excited to share with you what I have discovered.  

  1. Provides visual pleasure. 

Seeing a beautiful work of art gives us that good feeling especially if it is an object that you can relate. Much like eating food for the  mouth and hearing music for the ear, an artwork also give us sensation. For example, if you feel broke and you saw Tutakhamens treasure, surely you will have that feeling of majesty and wealth. It can inspire us to paint as if we ourselves can build our own wealth inside the canvas. 

  1. Relieves the tension of day-to-day-life

Painting sets us free from the norms of our daily life. Everyday, we face the society’s structural world that we need to comply.Once we create a painting, we start to create a world on a canvas. A world that you own and that only you can understand. Painting requires lots of focus, isolating your mind from anxieties is relaxing.  

  1. Escape from reality 

It’s normal to feel that you want to travel to another place. But in reality, youre stuck in your workstation, waiting for your shift to end, or get your project approved. If you paint your dream place to go, you will be recharged with positivity and that feeling of hope that you will get there someday. 

In melancholic times, You can also paint a surreal world where you can include your favorite characters. Have you ever wondered why there are artworks about the underworld which are dark and strange which somehow you feel the same once in a while. 

  1. Records time

More than its aesthetic value, paintings serve as a window of time passed. From the Gods that ruled the Earth, the pharaohs whose fame lasted for eternity and the untamed pop culture of modern times. Painting has been there from the dawn of humanity and is forever embedded in our psyche. 

  1. Potential source of income

This is the most interesting part – when you started to earn. Paintings nowadays can work in 3 ways, it can be the physical version, the digital and art vlogs. You can promote it through various social media networks.  Each requires additional tools and skills. 

The physical version is the actual painting that you will ship to customers. Others work with galleries to gain public exposure of their works. 

The digital copy is a file image captured by a scanner or a camera. It can be edited into various versions using photo editing tools like Photoshop. It can be sold and downloaded online depending on the terms of the artist. 

Art vlogs of the painting process can be used as entertainment or elearning. You can create a Youtube channel and monetize or you can apply it as tutorials to online e-learning websites.   

For the subject of my painting, this is the Anubis Shrine, which was discovered in the Valley of the Kings in 1922. It is believed that Anubis shrine was used in the funerary procession of the Pharaoh before being placed in front of the canopic chest. This also symbolizes the iconic role of the god Anubis as guardian of the necropolis.

I hope you like my video on why I learn to paint. I hope it helps you on your art journey to success. BTW I’m a graphic designer. I also create websites, motion graphics and video editing. To know more of my services, please also visit my website Sandjackal.com to see also the gallery of my artworks. Thank you for watching. 

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