6 Steps How to  Become a Successful Web Entrepreneur

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Our video is about 6 Steps How to  Become a Successful Web Entrepreneur. 

  1. Believe and pretend you have  already achieved it – Back in 2008 when the economic recession hit  the business process outsourcing industry here in the Philippines, jobs were flickering candles in the dark. Rumors of layoff are not just inside the work place but on the whole building where different outsourcing companies are leasing. Being exposed to my colleagues who were also working as freelancers, I believed that I can be like them surviving whatever economic crisis that may plague the workforce. And by 2017, after 9 years, my contract was suddenly terminated due to business merging. That was unfortunate but on the other side, it unfolds my career as a freelance graphic artist. Then after 3 years, a plague paralyzed the global workforce with the contagious Covid virus. And like the Grim Reaper harvested millions of souls across the globe. Many businesses of all sizes closed. But for others this disaster has become their opportunity including freelancers who have established their career before the plague.    
  1. Follow your Instinct – Everyday is a manipulation. Just by the time you login, your boss will tell you what the company wants, what to do and what to prioritize. As if he made the roadmap which extends to your personal life. You must set yourself free and follow your instinct. If you are compelled to do something, follow it. Like learning new skills. Learning computers and studying Adobe Illustrator CS4 are the best decisions I have made in my life. I studied Adobe Illustrator CS4 back in 2008 and has led me to learn Adobe Creative Cloud software family by which I made a living.   
  1. Define your passion and transform it to product and services – If you love to do something, do it with all your heart. Where your heart goes, money follows. It may all start as a hobby but it naturally moves towards the industry where it fits. When I was a kid I loved to draw until now. Technology evolves and I have kept it. I was able to use drawing on creating information technology diagrams, t-shirt design, infographics and logos.  
  1. Harness technology – Technology is now in its ABUNDANCE. The internet, website builders, application designers, online e-learning sites  and Youtube tutorials have become amazing sources of knowledge that, once learned, can surely generate income.  Everything is in front of you. All you need is to dive into it.
  1. Bring it to the marketplace – In the office, they will teach you new skills only to serve your master. To become your own master, you need to sell your products and services. Once you establish your product and services, you can sell them through job sites or social media. You can also use Google Ads or do Search Engine Optimization to create exposure. If you have an existing client, offer them your new skills so you can test how efficient it can be.   
  1. Persevere and Be Enthusiastic – Perseverance is a skill I learned from reading the Spanish painter Joan Miro’s book. That you must be dedicated and continue your craftsmanship that takes an entire lifetime to perfect. Enthusiasm is the joy in your heart that fires your perseverance.   

After creating this vlogI realized, 14 years have passed. And yet it always feels like going back to the first step as I am building new products and services.  

Thank you for watching. In relation to our topic, I made a tshirt using traditional art materials with a quote “The Web is my Lobster”. It’s supposed to be an oyster. But let’s leave it as a lobster. It was inspired by one of my travels in Palawan.

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