A Dozen of Questions that Filipinos May Ask When Traveling to Malaysia

Welcome to Ssandjackal. Here some a dozen of  questions that you may ask if you are a Filipino planning to travel to Malaysia. Actually they are questions on top of my head that I was able to answer after my visit and that I want to share especially that I received some questions on my social media post. Its like a dark ground hovering above me until I made my way home back to the Philippines.

  1. Is it fun going to Malaysia? Yes. Especially if you love spicy food and shopping. Kuala Lumpur is big enough for you to travel.  
  2. Is it safe going to Malaysia especially if youre a female solo traveler? Yes. Just dont wear skimpy clothes or else youll find an old man smiling at you on the other side of the road.
  3. Is it advisable for first time out-of-the-country from PH ? Yes. Flight ticket to Kuala Lumpur is cheaper compared to Bangkok and Singapore.
  4. How much is the budget when youre already in Malaysia. Bring at least 20K; its actually too much for basic need like transpo and food. The expense in Kuala Lumpur is similar to Makati unless you will shop or travel to different places. 
  5. What will PH Immigration require? 

BAsed on Republic Act No. 9208  otherwise known as the “Anti-Trafficking in Persons Act of 2003”,

Requirements: ,Passport b) Visa when required c) Roundtrip Ticket; Based on experience, I presented Passport, Departure & Return Flight, Hotel Booking. The officer asked for for company ID. Since I’m a freelancer I dont have company ID and its my firs out-of-the-country. I was put on-hold for secondary inspection. I advise you ro read GUIDELINES ON DEPARTURE FORMALITIES FOR INTERNATIONAL-BOUND PASSENGERS IN ALL AIRPORTS AND SEAPORTS IN THE COUNTRY. I put The link in the description below.

  1. What if youre a freelancer – diploma, transcript, chat with clients, bank transaction, portfolio for artist. I suggest you print the requirements including your portfolio and make sure you have saved them in your Google Drive. I was asked if i have some domestic flights and that i presented my Youtube vlogs. I was thankful that I made my vlogs and really helped me that time. I realized that Arts is not just a source of income but a very important credential. 
  1. What are the requirements when going to Malaysia?

Based on my experience I brought,  Passport, Departure & Return Flight, Hotel Booking & Vaccination Card. Although For more info :



Once you arrived in KLIA, you  will go  to      t h  e    i  m m  i   g   r   a tion and they will stamp your passport.

  1. How long can I stay in Malaysia? 30 days,  
  2. What location is near commercial area esp Petronas Tower: Bukit Ceylon
  3. Do they exchange Peso to Rinngit? Yes
  4. Is it advisable for Digital Nomads – Yes because the internet is fast.
  5. How will you know that the person working in Malaysia is a Filipino. When you call her Ate or Kuya and responded to your inquiries in Tagalog. I was in the bar and I tried to call the crew Ate-Ate, then she replied, ANo order BEh? 

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