Acrylic Painting: Compass

Welcome to Sandjackal. For our new viewers, our channel is about acrylic painting and travel. I cannot specify the theme as of this moment because the channel is currently evolving. For the meantime we are moving towards nautical design because I am investing on traveling on locations with seascape. For our video, our subject is compass. Looks like I am really looking for self-direction. How did I come up about this subject? 

I usually have a siesta or a nap in the afternoon. I woke up 3:30 PM. Since I am not yet in momentum to to do an art work, I might as well read so to get a better concept for my next painting. I remember I have PDF collection from Google Books about Spanish navigators and conquistadors. I have Fernando Magallanes, Hernan Cortez and Francesco Pizarro. All has become part of my masters thesis. Might as well start with Magallanes who played a big importance in Philippine History. Common knowledge tells us, He is a Portugese who was supported by Spain on his circum-navigation. Before Magallanes, the west believed that the Earth was flat, and when you reached the edge you might fall down – I wonder where – Abyss or Hell? 

This flat Earth theory was challenged and debunked by magallanes.From sailing west he reached the east and landed in the Philippines at the shores of Mactan Cebu, Visayas on March 16, 1521 by which MArch 16 was also my birthday. No wonder why am I so connected with this maritime history. This was the onset of Spanish colonization to the Philippines, from converting the locals to Christiany, naming our country after King Philippe II and the rest is history.

To get a broader perspective, I searched  for the writings of Antonio Pigafetta. Antonio Pigafetta is an Italian explorer who joined Magallanes in his trip to the Spice Islands now Moluccas Island in the east of Indonesia. After the death of magallanes in the battle of macatan, Pigafetta was able to come back to Spain led by Sebastian Elcano thus finishing the circum navigation journey.

There are translations of Pigafetta’s journal to English plus researches about the life of Magallanes. In the reference that I have read, there are three accounts that made Magallanes unfavorable to the King of Portugal , probably King Manuel I that time.    

One is a shipwreck in shoals of Padua or baixos de padua. It is believed that it is in Cananor or today’s Kannur, India. The ships ares sailing back to Portugal with all the goodies when they crashed in these locations. While the captains went back to Cochin, magellan stayed with the crew and was able to manage on taking care of he goods which proved his leadership, courage and loyalty to his country and fellowmen. When he went back to Portugal hee asked for promotion and raise but was never granted. 

The other one is his oppositon to Alfonso de Albuquerque to bring the ships for an attack to GOA, India. GOA that time was ruled by the Ottoman Turks. Should they bring it to GOA, this may delay journey of bringing the cargo of goods to Portugal. Albuquerque led the conquest of GOA thus made in the center of Portugese empire in INdia. Surely, Magellanes opposition to Albuquerque did not impress the King of Portugal. It was said that Magallanes left India and went to Azamor, Morocco then back to Portugal without filing leave of absence from Azamor which was again reported to the King.  When his request was not granted, he disnaturalized himself and went to Seville for refuge.    

Those are the information I got for the background of Magallanes as Portuguese. It also broadened my knowledge and imagination about this maritime history. I didnt even know that there were parts of India that was conquered by the Portuguese. Who could have thought that Magallanes was also in INdia and that there were also fortresses there. 

Those are the benefits of reading and making research. I tried to track those location that I read and its fun searching on the map. Some of the names have also changed in the course of time. 

After reading this, I painted a vintage compass using Golden Soflat and Golden Acrylic Ink. I also tried to make an Impressionistic style but Im not sure about it. For sure its a bit of loose painting. I used Burnt Sienna and Hansa Yellow to make the the vintage brown. The background is the acrylic ink turquoise and ultramarine blue. I thought I won’t be using the Turquoise ink but its very useful for nautical  theme. Adding a bit of turquoise to ultramarine makes it phthalo blue. That’s the good thing about Golden acrylic is that their paints regardless of type, whether its heavy body, matte or ink, they are mixable. The acrylic ink has a bit of sheen into it. The bluish green background really goes well with the brown background. I also tried to emboss it by putting shadows.  So far I’m happy about the output.  

That ends my story and thanks to my 82 subscribers. Also thanks to MJ for subscribing to my channel and appreciation of my painting of galleon ship. MJ used to be my classmate in my master study. And of all the paintings he will give compliment it the one linked to my thesis. What a coincidence. It seems that there is still an unfulfilled business to be completed. See you again for my next video and thank you for watching.  

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