Boracay & GoPro Hero 9 Black: Epic Transport to Boracay

Welcome to Sandjackal. And as I promised on my last video,  I will discuss the epic to transport to Boracay. Yes you heard me right EPIC. It really is that far and a bit exhausting. Boracay as fancy as it may sound, it is an island which means you need various transportation in order to get there. There are 2 airports where you can land – 1 is Caticlan the other is Kalibo. I took the Caticlan route. From Caticlan airport youll ride the traysikel going to the PORT Registration where they will need to check your ID, vaccine card, hotel booking and Tourism Arrival Form. You can fillout the Tourism Arrival Form at These are the 4 requirements you need when going to Boracay. It’s the rainy season and yet there are many people in the registration area. It is because people going to Boracay are in groups like family, circle of friends, and company size. Solo Travelers are rare. Just be smart enough to reach the counter because its like everybody is rushing to the White Beach. There are tour guides who will register 5, dozens or more people all at the same time. HORRIBLE!

After the registration youll go to another kiosk where you need to buy boat ticket. Make sure you have a number or else youll be sitting at the back of the boat beside the anchor. Just like what happened to me. Benefit is youll get to see the 180 degrees view of beautiful blue waters. Once you reached the port, youll ride e-Jeep going to Dmall, the landmark to the White Beach. From Jollibee, I rode the shuttle going to the New Coast. Roads are curvy and there are ongoing constructions. I was exhausted by the trip maybe because I am learning and very much attentive as to where I am going. On my way back home, I availed an airport transfer service from Savoy hotel. It is through the Southwest Tour. There was a van that picked me up from the hotel and brought me to the port. Then I rode the boat again. In the other side of the port there was another shuttle that brought me to the airport. From the airport, there was a bus that took me to the plane station. From NAIA port, I went to PITX, bus to Cavite, then traysikel to my house.The trip took me 8 hours but its worth the time, effort and experience. If you will ask me If Ill do it again, Indeed ill do it all over again.      

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