Boracay & GoPro Hero 9 Black IV: Water Sport Activities

Welcome to Sandjackal. This is the part 4 or the final episode of my solo travel in Boracay wherein I get to enjoy Parasailing, Jetski and scuba diving. I was able to have dinner at the White Beach during Habagat.

To start I rode a motorbike goimg to Balabag Beach because the shuttle wasn’t available yet that early. Its also exciting to ride at the back while carrying the large umbrella of Savoy Hotel. Balabag beach is where all the water sport activities are happening. One of the local said, before they were on the White Beach and was transferred there. For me it looks organized.

My first activity is parasailing. Just by riding a speedboat, the fun has already started. 

It’s my first time to ride a speedboat. The name of the service provider is JAL’s. The logo caught my attention. It looks cool but I’m not sure if its JALs or JaC; One thing for sure is it looks good on a black overall and it really pop’s up from the blue cool waters.

There’s a cloudy sky and rain shower while I’m parasailing. This adds to the romantic

view of the sea. You get to feel the cool breeze of air while watching the waves. It is romantic because you can feel the communication between the speedboat and the parachute, the air and the sea and the horizon where the sky, landscape and sea meets. Its like all your worries are dissolved in the air. And as I go down in a splash, it is time for a new adventure. One funny thimg that happened to me is that I was tryimg to set the gopro while iM up in the air. Im so worried at the same time that it would fall.

If theres second reason why I want to go to Boracay other than curiosirty, it is because of jetski. I think this is one of the coolest thing to do in this life. To travel the sea via jetski. What makes it spicier is the exact aquamarine model of Sea-doo that I have in mind is the one that I drove on the sea. LIFE IS GOOD! Driving a jetski is like a riding a mountain bike. Theres a circular area marked by flags that you will roam around. You will also be given training on how to use the jetski. Driving a jetski is a spiritual experience in a sense that your courage comes out. Last year, my courage evaporated into thin air when I was learning to drive and hit a motorbike. Its minor but I froze that time. My courage shy away and I was able to bring it back through solo travel and this jetski is like a machine that drove my confidence back. One part is when I followed the trainer’s jetski and I tried to get into the middle of the waves. I felt like a kid chasing another kid. As I approach the station, the wind grow stronger and the waves become larger. I even hva to slow down because it feels like I’ll be thrown upside down.

And the last is scuba diving. It is 5 meters deep. Prior to diving, there is an orientation about the gears and how to breath. I forgot the term. One of the challenging part is the 4 kilo buckle that I have to wear to me sink. And the tank that I have to carry on my back. They are heavy sand yet still float. I decided to do scuba even on a rainy because I am so curious what is under the sea. On deep waters it like there is an under lying fear that swims. When I saw it, it made me realize that instead of scarry stuffs , there is life that needs to be protected. It really looks different in real life than in video. Hello to the sea turtle who greeted me and I feel so lucky to see this famous guy who is often used as youtube thumbnail. That’s me and the trainor.

By the evening, I went back to the White Beach. Maybe after 30 mins when I arrived, the habagat or heavy rain fell. I was already at Hennans, the same place where I drink a hot choco that afternoon. It is my first time to eat cheesecake while watch clashing waves on the shore while its raining. The evening was the opposite of my morning experience. The sea seems irritated with the lights of the bar and resto. Or maybe the sea also want to have fun. The waves are really unforgettable. The sea feels so strong,so alive just like in the movies where sailors faces the ravaging sea. We have that myth that we have to respect the sea as it takes life as an offering every year.

This is a common scenario that’s why there are covers installed at the beachfront. After finishing the cheesecake I went back to Masons, the same place where I ate the scallop shells. As you can see in the video, some bars are empty and yet they still operate. It is challenging to walk on the rain but I have to move on near the shuttle.

At Mason’s, what else could be so sweet during habagat but to drink a glass of shiraz wine to keep me warm and complete my travel in Boracay.Cheers to Boracenios. And I spent an hour listening to acoustic music.

I head my way to shuttle and as I walk on the wet streets, parties go on even if its raining. This what makes Boracay a fantasy island in the Philippines. More that its white sand, the water sports will keep you coming back. Ive been to lots of beaches but its rare that they offer variants of water sports. Coming to Boracay is 100% amazing experience for me. If you live here in the Philippines this something that you should not missed.

Thank you for watching and thank you to all the bankeros, crews in the resto and hotels who made me feel so at home during my solo travel. It the sea and the local people really made Boracay as we know it today.  

Please standby for more videos.

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