Conclusions About My Travel in Bangkok

This is Day 6 of my travel to Bangkok and its the last day for me to maximize my stay here in Thailand. I went to Robinsons Mall where I bought memory card because my 64GB card was full.   

I took advantage of eating another mixed Tom Yum, Rice , fish salad and guava juice

I thought there was less to travel but there is more to see in Bangkok. 

This is the ministry of defense. Across is the Grand Palace which I failed to see twice. But I won’t miss the chance to see Wat Arun.

On the way to Wat Arun is a Buddhist temple. 

Finally, I reached Wat Arun. On my Day 4, I attempted to go to Wat Arun but i cannot find the way to get through the cruise. But now I have the opportunity since I rented a taxi. 

Wat Arun is one of my favorite temples here in Bangkok. It also looks ancient. The intricate details stunned me. From afar they look like embroidery. I am so amazed with the sculpted spirits as if they are holding the temple. I also like its color. Combination of teal and white. Some of my observations in the art form I saw in Thailand is that some are similar to India and the others are Chinese. The spirits in Wat Arun look like Gods from Indian mythology. And there is less red and yellow gold. If I go back to Thailand, Wat Arun is the place that I will always visit. And if this is your first time in Bangkok, don’t miss this spot. This is Bangkok’s treasure. The only thing I said to myself when I looked at it – there is no place for minimalism here in Thailand.      

After Wat Arun, I went to another temple. It is the day before the Chineses New Year. There are lots of offerings like flowers, food, fruits and incense. Most are wearing red and traditional Chinese clothes. This is my first time seeing how Buddhist celebrate New Year. 

This is Iconsiam. is a shopping center with all its endless food bazaar. It was so busy as if everybody were eating rather than shopping. Most are wearing red and are decorated with Chinese lanterns. It’s very colorful, with lots of Asian cuisine and fruit juices. It seems fruit juices are sold more than sodas. If you want to buy pasalubongs, I will highly recommend this. And finally, the craving is over. I was able to eat the controversial street food. They are nicely cut, big and of course delicious. I’ll never miss this opportunity to taste some and yes I finished them. 

And last destination was Chinatown. And it was filled with foodies and tourists. I could hardly walk to the main street because of the human traffic. And there’s also a reddish atmosphere because the vendors and even foreigners wear Chinese traditional clothes. 

I am still full so I ate coconut pudding.    

I hope you like my video and thank you to my 18 9subscribers. And if you need motion graphic services. Please visit my website Thank you. 

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