Day 2: Travel from Philippines to Bangkok – Sea Residence Condotel, Pasay

This is the Day 2 of my travel from Philippines to Bangkok. After my lunch in Glorietta, I stayed in Sea Residences in Pasay near Mall of Asia. It was recommended to me by my friend. It has swimming pools and playground to name few. 

For someone traveling like me, here is the best part – the Alfamart. This makes groceries accessible just in case I forgot to bring something with me.  

Here is the room. It has the appliances you need even for a long stay.

In the shower, there is shampoo and bodywash. 

The best thing that I like the most is access to sunlight and clean street view. Even though I am in a hurry, it will be refreshing to see a bright view once I woke up plus these indoor plants that will greet you in the morning.  

There is a rice cooker, heater, casseroles and a frying pan just in case you want to cook.   

The ref is very functional for me to keep my food – biryani and curry. Then I have a big brownie from Strabucks. 

I will taste this free Mochachino cookies. 

The next day, as usual, I will start it with a coffee I bought from Alfamart.

I heat my food and breakfast is ready. I ate my brownies for dessert. 

After taking a bath, its time to go to the airport. 

Based on my stay, I will highly recommend this condotel especially if you got a flight the next day. It is very relaxing to stay here. It is near Mall of Asia Just in case you need to buy something and near NAIA. If you want to book here, please see contacts on the description below. 

Thank you to my 204 subscribers. I am more inspired to create videos because of your subscription. For graphic services, please visit my website Babye. 

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