Flight & Hotel Accommodation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


PH to KL Two-way Flight Ticket + Add on Travel Insurance = 8,635.36 PHP

Hotel – 4 days, 3 nights = 4,508.82 PHP

Welcome to the part 2 of my travel to Kuala Lumpur and this is about the flight and hotel accommodation. Before I show you my videos Ill show you the cost of my flight ticket and hotel accommodation so you have an idea on how to budget your travel. 

Disclaimer: This is not a standard price; pricing depends on the service provider.    

It took 3.5 hours to reach KLIA 2. The airplane took off from NAIA at 12 MN and reached KLIA 2 3:30 AM. A Filipina noticed that I am new to Malaysia so she took me to the Bus and even get me a Grab Taxi. I cannot buy a SIM card in the airport because all the stalls are closed including money changers. Good thing I bought a food in the airplane and gave me a change in Rikkit. 

The room that i rented is managed by the unit owner and not the hotel. I arrived around 6 AM. Since I cannot enter the room yet , the receptionist allowed me stay on the 9th floor where the swimming pool and resting areas. They also allow you to leave the luggage just in case you want to go out and buy some stuffs. I encourage you to book directly to Ramada Suite.  

This is the room. It has complete amenities like washing machine and kitchen. This gives me the impression that you can stay long and is perfect for a Digital Nomad. They also have good internet connection. This one I booked in Agoda.com. It is 2.4 km away from the famous Petronas Towers. I highly recommend it because it is near the commercial areas like bars and shopping malls.  I just discovered this commercial areas when I was looking for a money changer. I dont have a concrete plan when going to Malaysia, so when i discovered it, its like the whole KL popped up in from in front of me … sweet. But i was charging my go pro that time  and was left in the hotel.

One thing i noticed is that the sun sets down at around 6:30 PM. Its already 6:00 PM and still in daylight. 

On the day of my flight departure from Malaysia, I contracted the Grab Taxi that the lady booked for me. My flight is 8:15 Am and we left the hotel 4:30 AM. We arrived in the airport around 5:30 AM. Theres a buffer time of 2.5 hours but my recommndation is to be there 3.5 hours before your flight. KLIA 2 is a big airport and in case the terminal is change and there are online forms to be filled out, you have buffer time. For my case Im for Terminal P4, it was changed to Terminal L18. And they are so far apart with each other. 

And in the airport i bought this beautiful ref magnets.

I hope you find the information helpful. Thank you to my 135 subscribers. Please also visit my website sandjackal.com for my graphic design services.

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