Go Pro9 Test in Boracay I : Hotels Where I stayed

Welcome to my channel Sandjackal. For our new viewers, our channel is about acrylic painting and travel. After 2 months I left my cave again and went to the all-famous Boracay to check out why it is so famous here in the Philippines. Prior to discussing all the fun I discovered. Let me post some videos on my preparation to get there. My first video about Boracay is about the hotels where I stayed. Hotels are the second important thing after transport. But it comes first before my transport video because coming to Boracay is epic. 

First, coming from Cavite, I stayed at Eurotel Pasong Tamo in Makati for the second time. I arrived at 6 PM. I think the room is better now because it has whiter beddings and lighting and more accessible wifi.

In Boracay, I stayed at the Savoy Hotel in New Coast. It is in the upper area of Boracay. Their services include Airport Transfer, Shuttle Transport to Dmall every hour,  Private Beach upto 6 PM, Kayak upto 2 PM, 2 Swimming Pools, 1 upto 8 PM and the other 10PM, Cafe, Bar, Mountain Bikes, Sunrise and Cave Tour, Scheduled House cleaning, beach towels,  4 bottled waters, coffee and 5 pieces of cookies. And the best thing is that they have  711 just in case you want chocolates and snacks. You can also borrow umbrellas. I will highly recommend Savoy Hotel because of their fine services and relaxing atmosphere. One thing I noticed is that even if there’s habagat or heavy rain, the waves are not as big as that of in White Beach. Their beaches also have boundaries. On the beach front there are also food bazaars. The hotel crew and services are also very nice and friendly. They give extra add on information like guiding you to the tourist spots. One crew member also gave me an umbrella because it was raining even if I did not ask. They also have Wifi. So if you are a solo traveler, digital nomad, on a business outing, or simply relaxing, Savoy is the perfect place for you. 

I will be making a series of Boracay Trip by which I used Go Pro 9 so standby for my upcoming videos. I would like to thank Eurotel and Savoy hotels for their amazing services. Thank you also to Merc for all your support. Thanks to Abhishek for subscribing, he is a fellow artist from India. And thanks to my 100 SUBSCRIBERS. THis is already a milestone for me.  If you want to get updates in my latest vlogs please subscribe for free acrylic painting tutorial and travel guide. Please also visit my website sandjackal.com..       

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