GoPro Hero 9

I told myself never to buy to any form of camera. Currently I am using my iphone 6. I love it very much but when I’m outside, I use my internet data making its battery low faster than usual. So after making a series of vlogs and traveling, i decided to buy a GoPro Hero 9 because it is lightweight, compact and designed for outdoors especially underwater. Its portability is a big help for travelers because it will lessen the weight of the baggage. Its built-in lens is customizable thus you don’t need to buy different kind of lenses which are heavy and expensive. I think its major edge is that you can bring it underwater. Latest iphones are waterproof however it can be risky. Its too expensive plus the data that it contains. Gopro has various mounts you can use underwater to secure it. I’m also planning to use it for filming my painting process. And if it will do good on photography, perhaps I could go back to photography as well.  

I bought GoPro Hero 9 online. It’s my first to purchase online with that amount of. And it is good. It is packaged well and sealed.   

I will be making a series of videos related to Gopro and some recent upgrades I have for my freelance services. If you have comments and suggestions, you can post on the comment below or if you are my connection in IG, you can text me. BTW thank you to Arun for subscribing to my vlog. Arunis a guy from India I met here in Philippines. Thank also to my 89 subscribers and if you want to get updates in my latest vlogs please subscribe for free acrylic painting tutorial and travel guide.   

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