Graphics for Telecom Business

Telecom business is as broad as its line of products. A telecom business may offer backhaul solutions, telephony, pabx, network equipment, network services, internet and many more. Telecom concepts with all its wired and wirelessness seems to be entangled and can be challenging for non-telco audiences. To make telco concepts easier, instead of flooding the presentations with texts, graphic design is very helpful. Among the widely used graphic designs are iconography, infographics, slide presentations and motion graphics.  

Iconography is a simplified illustration that represents an abstract concept or an object like a network hardware. Instead of showing all bits and pieces, you can use a combination of simple shapes. This makes it lighter to read for audiences. 

Infographics is a more aesthetic version of technical diagrams. An infographics can be cartoony, photo composited or combination. Vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator is used to create infographics. 

Slide Presentations are often used for project and marketing presentations. It is easy to use however, if it lacks proper layout and adherence to branding, it may look less appealing or even appealing to audiences. Slide presentations must be sleek, clean and follows the corporate branding.

Motion Graphics give life to your telecom and network diagrams. It allows a more engaging audience since animation is fun too watch. More than commercial purposes, it can also be educational for audience who wants to easily understand telco and network concepts. 

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