How People Communicate

It’s the nature of humans to socialize and communicate. This instinct has led to countless technologies to allow humans to talk to each other regardless of distance. 

Telephone is one of the breakthroughs of communication technology that has been used even today especially in the corporate setting. Offices still use phones as the basic method for B2B transactions. 

The Internet has evolved at an unprecedented speed over the past three decades. From basic emails to static HTML pages and the birth of Youtube and social media platforms, communication is more than just voices and text messages but has opened a world to share all kinds of information from text, images, videos and business transactions. The internet has become a personal space for humans. Back then the internet was used for businesses but with social media, individual contributors were able to generate personal services to customers. Yahoo was popular for its email and chat. Until it was overshadowed by Google and with Facebook messenger. Skype back in the mid 2000 was popular for video calls. Facebook messenger stole the show then Zoom rose to popularity during the pandemic for its team video chat. 

Short Message Service (SMS) or text as we know it was very popular back in the late 90s. This was made possible with the development of cellular phones. It is capable of voice calls and sending text messages like a chat when you can browse history. Nokia 5110 was the most popular that time especially when it introduced the 3310 with the game Space Impact. Imagine that you have a unit that can call, text and play games also. Seriously, it was cutting edge back then. Apple has made its way to the development of smartphones when it introduced the iPhone 6.  This pushed the boundaries of cellular phones to access the internet and the rest is history. 

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