Infographic: A graphic design technique still in demand since 2006 / Anatomy of a Lighthouse

I get to know infographic back in 2006. It is the time of Adobe Creative Suite CS3. Infographic is the visual representation of information created using Adobe Illustrator. It is highly used in information technology and telecom slide presentations. However, infographics for telecoms and information technology are often simple and linear. In this infographic I used both Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. The lighthouse is drawn using Adobe Illustrator while the background, texts and effects are in Photoshop. another way to create an infographic is through Indesign, a page layouting tool. If an infographic comes with other pages, you might as well composite your objects in Indesign. Indesign also makes the fonts easily adjustable.

Still In demand

Up to present time 2023, infographic is still in demand. 17 years have passed and yet there is not enough infographics to represent the information in this world. Infographics for the corporate industry, for the air, land and sea, so much were needed.

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