Manta Ray Sketch

I do not know if I am having an art block or being bored for the delivery of the Winsor and Newton Galeria paints that I ordered. I also want too create a structured tutorial for acrylic painting but nothing seems to work. I was waiting for my client’s feedback and I decided to sketch. I took my Derwent Colored Pencils and started to draw anything.

It started with Batangas Lomi, then hamburger, a barracuda, then a manta ray. I watched manta rays glide in the ocean and they look so elegant. I like manta rays because they are majestic, harmless and symbiotic to other other sea creatures. Janitor fish rides in their back, while other fishes, shelter themselves under their dark guardian. It was said that they are also intelligent. They have big brains and interact with humans by swimming with them and having eye contact. In short, I ended up doing nautical art. For some weird reason, it seems that the sea has always been my companion. My master’s thesis also involve the the sea and it was a success. I finished my masters. My first solo travel is in Puerto Princesa which of course an awesome seascape. Probably I am compatible with the sea because I’m a Piscean born on the date Magellan arrived in the Philippines, the country were I live. I do not how many attempts that I tried to focus on nautical designs and was still undecided.

I think all art starts with drawing. I believe that it should be the foundation of painting. If I am not able to draw properly on canvas, my drawing looks messy. I still prefer the old school way of drawing gridlines and perspective. I also want a 3D look. Drawing is also helpful to resolve art block. Sometimes it is when we are effortless that we are able to create a good art.


  • Strathmore Toned Tan 9 in. x 12 in.
  • Derwent Drawing Pencils – Ink Blue 3720, Smoke Blue 3810, Venetian Red 6300, Chinese White 7200
  • Carandache Payne’s Grey 508

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