Matte Acrylic Painting: Hammerhead Sharks

The day passed and the Winsor and Newton Galeria that I ordered did not arrived yet. It is the separate Ultramarine that came. But I am sure it will arrive soon. I told myself that if it will not arrive, I will use my Golden Acrylic So Flat Matte Acrylics. By the evening I made a sketch of a hammerhead shark. I painted it using my matte acrylics even though I know it is hard. But somehow I was able to manage it and happy on the output.

I challenged myself by combining 3 colors to create 1 hue. And it works. It doesn’t look so kiddie. The colors are muted and less vibrant. For the color mixing technique, have a dominant color, secondary and a toner. For example, the hammerhead in the first photo is a combination of Naphtol Red, Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Primrose. The hammerhead is purplish with strong mixing of Naphtol Red and Ultramarine Blue. They are so bright when combined and I used Cadmium Primrose to tone them down.

The muted teal background has a dominant Ultramine mixed with Cadmium Primsose and a little Naphtol Red.


Golden So Flat Acrylics

  • Naphtol Red | Rouge de Napthol Clair PR112
  • Cadmium Primrose | Primevere de Cadmium PY35
  • Ultramarine Blue | Bleu d’Outremer (Mixture / Melange)
  • Titanium White | Blanc de Titane
  • Payne’s Grey | Gris de Payne (Mixture / Melange)

Strathmore Toned Tan


In my Youtube Shorts I made it more dramatic by adding props like fishnet and scallop shells. The soundtrack is Wellerman (Sea Shanty) by Nathan Evans. It is fun to watch it because of the add-on decoration. Reminds me of the days I work on photography. There are things that really stays.


It feels that drawing or painting marine life or nautical subjects seems natural for me. I also discovered that I still have the talent for propping. This convinced me to finally focus on Nautical and Marine Designs. This theme can be applied to all areas of my interest – graphics, traveling and acrylic. I also live int he Philippines and there is an abundance of seascapes here. This also reminds me of my master’s thesis with the theme of Galleon Trade. With all of these I might as well align to the stars – my constellation of Pisces. Sooner or later, everything will fall into place, everything will be in harmony with the universe.

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