My First NFT: Donuts & Coffee

Welcome to Sandjackal. Sandjackal is about graphics, acrylics and traveling. There are so many things happening as I make this video. To start, my wifi didn’t work and even though I made a ticket and the concern has already reached the 3 day turnaround time, the technician hasn’t arrived yet. I also ordered a wifi pocket but same thing hasnt received yet. It is Sunday so I decided to go to SM  Trece to buy prepaid wifi.. It is my first time to roam around here in SM Trece and there are lots of goodies. Good thing I went here because there are lots of gadgets. I also brought my GoPro Hero 9 Black and mount it in my arm 

I also bought Havaianas slippers since I saw a crack on my slippers already. I really like their graphic designs. Havaianas even during Covid did not lower their prices. 

I took a break in Dunkin Donuts and bought brewed coffee, butternut and choco wacko. They are my all time favorites. 

I really like this photo and decided to paint it. I haven’t painted for a long time because I edited my videos in Boracay. Dunkin donuts is more than a donut to me. It’s part of my childhood. Dunkin donut is one of the iconic pasalubong or goodies that you bring at home after traveling. It is still as delicious as before and they have more flavors now. It is after 2 weeks from the time I ate it that I found time to paint. But its yummy  sensation is still there. 

I missed painting. That’s  why even if I am tired this day, I painted. Lots of changes happened. 2 of clients went back and at the same time I lost one. Losing this one is OK because I don’t like my task. Yes I am earning money but I think I am also wasting my time with them. I guess the time has come for me build my own service and generate passive income. The winning edge there is I unleash my potential and I finally feed my curiosity about NFT. Perhaps I will tackle this on a separate video. The reason why I tried this is that there are so many suggestions coming from everywhere telling me to do NFTs. If they know that you’re a graphic designer, they will ask you if you’re doing NFT. Since I have time now, I can try it. There so many ideas in mind on how to do this NFT. But if I keep thinking about it all day, I will not finish anything. Since it is a test, I decided to use this painting as my first NFT. But I want to go beyond a still acrylic painting that’s why I animated it as a GIF.   

It is a long process. From traveling, shooting photos, painting, animation then minting. Minting is the process of converting it as a digital asset in the blockchain. You give value to it by setting price and royalty. Much like a coin or bills. They are made of metals and paper but when produced and regulated by banks, they have values that you can exchange for consumer goods, products and services. It will be quite confusing to discuss them all on this vlog. 

For the materials, I used  Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylics. I used Payne’s Gray, Primrose, Hansa Yellow, Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Sienna, Titanium White and Black Noir. Paper is Canson Aquarelle and brushes are Borcianni Bonazzi. As usual, I find it hard to use SoFlat so I keep on pulling the paint especially the beige color of the table. If it is dark, it will camouflage in the background or fight for attention with the butternut donut so I made it lighter. I keep on mixing primrose and Hansa yellow. I even forgot I have Burnt Sienna. 

I also tried to make it look fluffy and textured but I gave up and loosen the strokes. The warm colors of purple and orange made the subject pop out from the Payne’s Gray background. The purple package is actually white in real life but everything will look grayish so I made it purple. The holder in the paper cup and smoke are also the modifications I made. The munchkins are the same dark brown as the photo except for the other one that is Payne’s gray. Which I just noticed as I edit the video. When I looked at the photo in my Instagram. It is not a munchkin. It is a shadow. Anyway, after I finished it I was so happy. I made it even if it is a challenging day. 

Since it is now an NFT, you can view it on my Opensea account on the link below. You can also visit my website to check out my services like graphics, web design, UI design, motion graphics , video editing and canvas painting. Thank you for watching and hello to  my 116 subscribers. If you are interested about the NFT  feel free to write in the comment below. See you again next time.  

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