Day 4: Travel from Philippines to Bangkok

Welcome to Sandjackal. This the Day 4 of my travel from the Philippines to Thailand. Day 4 is the day that I explore Bangkok. As usual I tried to guess where to go. According to Google Maps, there is this Golden Mount or Wat Saket. I booked a grab taxi and went there. It took around 1.5 hours to get to the Golden Mount.

In Golden Mount, wearing shorts is not allowed. I bought a big scarf with graphic elephants. I really like the design. I haven’t seen a Buddhist temple. That’s why I am so amazed at my first glance. The buddhas are coated with gold. They appear sitting inside a stupa with burning flames moving upwards to the cosmos. It is also my first time to see monks in their orange clothes. Everything here looks warm and colorful.

There is a stair leading to the pagoda. There goes the enormous golden stupa.  On every corner, there is a God with green skin. I can’t help but pay attention to the details. 

There is an area where you can write your wishes on a red tablecloth and give donations. 

And these I like the most, the 2 fiery serpents painted on a gong. 

When I went down, I landed in another area of the Golden Mount. There is this Balete tree hanging with golden wishes. It looks beautiful and surreal. 

Time to move to my next unknown destination. Outside Golden Mount, there are transportations called Tuk Tuk that offer city tours. I hired one and it brought me to a temple with a mini cemetery. You will recognize that it is a cemetery because of the lapidas mounted on the wall. Buddhist cremated the bodies of the departed and stored them in an urn. 

I also met a local. He was praying and saw me and gave me an orientation about the Daily Buddhas. Depending on the day of your birth, there is a specific Buddah guiding you. He also said that I look Thai and took a photo of me. Sweet. 

Next destination is Wat Benchamabophit Dusit Wanaram. This temple is made of marble. On the entrance there are statues that appear like lions guarding the temple. It is sooooo quiet. 

There is an aisle of buddhas and walking through it feels endless and infinite.

Here is another temple named Wat Indharaviharn. You can make offerings of flowers and incense.

There are also urns here inside a glass storage. It looks so neat and organized. This temple has so many areas where people can pray. There are some areas that have a touch of Chinese arts. 

This is my final trip for the day. The boat ride. While waiting for the boat to arrive, you can feed the catfish with scraps of bread. The colorful boat arrived. I was waiting for the moment that it passed under the bridge. And the bridge looks fabulous on video. On the boat, you can see Wat Arun. There is also a gate that manages the traffic of the boat. The boat ride is long and looks surreal. You can see large golden buddha and temples along the way. In addition to that I saw a huge bayawak  or monitor Lizard. 

The boat will drop you on a floating market where you can eat and take a break for 30 mins. I ordered a scrambled egg with crab, rice and iced cappuccino. It’s really hot and I could hardly resist cold drinks. There’s not much into it but ice cream snacks and souvenirs.

I hope you like my video and thank you to my 187 subscribers. And if you need motion graphic services. Please visit my website Thank you. 

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