Tools for Acrylic Painting

If you are a beginner in acrylic painting, you are excited and confused on what tools and paints to buy. There are so many art haul videos of different art supplies that you can buy from an art store or online shop. It is amazing that there are so many options compared back then in the 90s. Art hauls are often based on what the vlogger wants and collects. If you go on this path, you might be wasting your money as well as wasting your precious time doing an endless swatch of colors. Art hauls may also divert your attention to use different art media and you tend to focus less.

Based on my experience, acrylic painting is like a chemistry experiment. There is a lot of testing especially on the compatibility of paints, medium and the surface whether it’s a canvas or paper.

Listed below are the tools that I tested and proven to work after 2 years of using. This enabled me to standardize my process and maximize the tools I have. Perhaps it is true that less is more.

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