Travel Vlog Unedited: My Ideal way to Celebrate 2022 Year-end at Calayo Batangas Beach Coast

Welcome to Sadjackal and thank you for visiting my video. This is an uplanned year-end celebration but this is what I have always wanted – walking on the beach coast. This is in Calayo Beach in Batangas, Philippines. 

December being the last month of the year appears to be the month for relaxation. But its the other way around. It is actually very busy – you are pressured to shop, decorate and wrap gifts. For those who are in the office, it’s the close of business, do inventories, measure performances and generate reports. Before the year ends, you’ll be tired. 

I guess the best escape from all of this is to spend time on a beach coast. You’ll realize you are free from the construct of society – especially the red and green color scheme of Christmas and all the noise from marketing and social media.  

While walking on the beach coast of Calayo Beach, Batangas, I can’t help but get mesmerized with the clashing color palette of the phthalo blue sea and bronze sand. The sand becomes bronze in color when the waves splashed on it mixed with the golden light emitted during sunset. I found it very magical. That’s why I decided not to edit this video. The video looks naturally dreamy probably because of the salty sea breeze and I wasn’t able to clear out my Go Pro Hero 9 Black.      

It’s also relaxing to watch people swimming and playing volleyball, free from the usual way to celebrate Christmas. Wearing relaxed clothes and simply having real fun. Being detached from the conventions this year-end made me realize how mand-made holidays can be. Can we be just natural – just like the sea, sand and sunset in the beach coast of Calayo Batangas. So far, this is the happiest yea- end of my life. 

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