The Resurrection of My WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the pioneer in the content management system. As early as 2007, I was able to create an account here. Before WordPress, you have to create websites through hard coding. It came to popularity when blogging is a famous method to market a product. Followed by the emergence Search Engine Optimization or SEO, a digital marketing strategy in order to make your website searchable in Google through keyword planning, blog posting and link building. These were the dawn of the digital marketing age. Then came the social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you can easily promote your products even if you are a solo entrepreneur. Youtube is primarily used as a video sharing site until it has become a platform for product endorsement, DIYS and vlogs. Then came Tiktok thats is video-based rather than photos. Since using social media platforms are visual, more fun and easier to use, this has become the trend for digital marketing. The hardcore Search Engine Optimization was overshadowed by these flashing social media platforms and was left for SEO techie professional which appears to be a serious job.

Added to these trend are the drag-and-drop website management like Wix and Squarespace. They are easy to use and most of the functions are predefined. It is also sellable to clients because when you are done with the branding and layout, you can leave it to the client for easy update. For my case I used Wix. Wix can really create a website that can make the viewers say WOW. Even the recruiters are asking me how much is my service to build a website. However here are the challenge that I encountered on Wix.

Low Traffic

I have been posting blogs but there is few organic views. Unlike here in WordPress that I got organic views and traffic. I even experienced that I have 256 overnight which is amazing. As far as I can remember, I have been creating blogs and posting them on Linkedin and Twitter. That’s all. How come that in Wix, I have been posting more quality content plus video and yet there is still low traffic for the passed 6 months.

Wix Traffic Report April 5, 2022 – April 4, 2023

WordPress Traffic Report 2017

Slow Admin Site

The admin site of Wix is a bit slow if if you are just creating a blog. Here in WordPress, it is really fast as if you are typing in Google Docs.

No Subscribers

Two of the best practiced method for lead generation is through Email or Subscription. In Wix there is no subscription community. Here in WordPress, there is an app called Jetpack wherein there is a newsfeed of latest blogs. You can see fellow authors that you can subscribe. Once you subscribed, you will be notified once they made a post. In my Youtube posts, I have been doing lots of CTAs to subscribe to my website for free tutorials but nothing happened. Unlike here on WordPress, there is the Subscription function that I should take full advantage of.

WordPress Subscription Notification

After analyzing the reports above, I decided to resurrect my WordPress site. I bought a domain name with .net extension and a basic plan. I migrated all my blogs here. I’m also amazed that you can embed Youtube Shorts here as well as see how many times that the author viewed the website. I am sure there are lots of improvements here in WordPress and that I am planing to explore more. I know soon probably one year from now that this will become a passive source of income.

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