Strange Ways I Found Freelance Works

Whenever people ask me what is my work, I say that I am a freelancer. If I am talking to a full time employee they would be puzzled on how I find clients. The only thing I can tell them is that:

“Once you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that you will find clients today.”

And that’s where the magic takes place. If I flashback to the times how I find clients, they may sound a little bit strange. Here are some of the strange ways how I found my freelance works.

Sold Coffee and Tablea (Chocolate Powder) Online

Back in the 2008, there is this website where you can sell goods. It’s the dawn of of e-commerce. What I do is to buy coffees and tableas from Batangas and repack them. I sold some to my colleagues and 1 is a stranger who bought them to make Christmas gifts.

Going o Buy a Laundry Soap When Someone Gave Me a Flyer

It was Saturday morning and its the schedule to wash laundry. I woke up then organized things I need to wash the laundry. I found out that I don’t have any detergent powder. I am about to go out of the gates when a man gave me a flyer. I saw that there is a school teaching graphic design crashed courses. I applied as an instructor and I was hired.

A Colleague Referred Me a to Work that is Supposed to Be For Him

There were 2 of us who were hired as a contractors. After 6 months, it was announced that we will be absorbed. Unfortunately, mine was revoked because and an in-house trained to become officer was chosen instead of me. The other contractor has a job offer which he gave me since he was absorbed already. I was hired and stayed there for 5 years.

Selling Doodle Shirts on Facebook

I’m a fan of old school style t-shirt design. With the advancement of digital t-shirt printing, it is easy to make a design and and bring it to the printing shop for printing. It clicked and many bought my doodle shirts.

Sold a Painting While Eating Cheesecake on Strawberry Farm / Cafe

After maybe 8 to 10 years, I met my college friends. We had a swim then went to a strawberry farm with a cafe. They are talking about hobbies. When they asked me about my hobby, I said, it is painting. Then she requested for a portrait painting of her.

Sold a T-shirt on an Italian Man Through Instagram

I heard this Redbubble print-on-demand. This is where you can upload your designs and they will print and deliver it on many parts of the world. I dowloaded the sample and posted on Instagram. My connection in Instagram saw it and ordered one. He is from Italy.

Posted a T-shirt Design on FB Stories but Was Hired to Create a Logo

It is the same t-shirt design that the Italian Man bought from me. I also posted it on FB messenger. My college friend form Australia saw it and asked me if I can create a logo for her cousin.

Free Meal on a Turkish Restaurant

I went to a restaurant that serves Turkish Cuisine. The manager said they are inviting vloggers to create food vlogs for them. I shoot a short video and did not expect that they will give the lunch for free.

Infographic on Youtube Shorts

We all know about that Youtube Shorts are for short captured videos. I tried to create a 1 minute motion graphics and posted it on Linkedin. My potential client from Mexico saw it and hired me. Up to now, I work with them as a partner. I feel so lucky because I really want to migrate to Mexico soon and finally I was able to get Mexican clients.

In conclusion, I realized that we really do not need to work hard to find a client. The common denominator here is that I made them out-of-love. Just for the sake of creating them. If you do something, it sends out good vibration and channels to the people who are in the same frequency. Sounds like Tesla because he is my idol, only this time it is visual. It is like a radio signal. When a person tuned it to the same FM station, the person will hear out the information being transmitted. This may also means that if you create something, it means there are also people who needs them and you are the one who is gifted to create them. We all need money however, it is more important to emphasis on the value that we give to other people. Value first then money follows. It is hard to live a life full of greed. The more you chase fame, success and money, the more you become desperate. The more we accomplish our role in this world, the more we feel peace and satisfaction. As long as we persevere to create our arts and crafts, Divine Providence is always there for us.

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