The Power of the Mind

I believe in the power of the mind. It is actually harder to think than to make the actual work. Sometimes you may wonder how you are able to do things that seems to come out of nowhere. It feels like it is your environment that makes the effort to mold you for who you are today.

Why did I open this topic? Today I am about to write something about the kid who made a comment in Youtube reels. But then I decided to change the topic. As part of my daily routine, I will check the statistics of my social media. This is to give me insights how my posts progresses and learn about my audience. I also view inspiring posts. I have two favorite IG influencers. One is Renan Pacheco and the other is Quentin Emery.

In Renan Pacheco’s post today, he mentioned about Bon Vivant which means Good at Living your Life. Then Quentin Emery also mentioned about the Sweetness of Doing Nothing. It’s quite rare to hear these kind of philosophies. Probably a cultural thing. Their common denominator is that they are both Frenchman. Renan Pacheco traveled the USA while Quentin Emery lives in Turkey. I even thought that he is an Ottoman Turk. I don’t know much about French culture but I often see this leisures and comfortable life portrayed on the Impressionists painting. Well hundred years have passed and yet this ideal lifestyle can still be seen on social media especially on Instagram. Both Renan Pacheco and Quentin Emery portray carefree moments outside the corporate setting where everybody is working hard to climb the corporate ladder and consume the most expensive things they can afford.

I just wonder how can these guys do these. Some say Instagram is full of pretension. But I say, it is not 100% fake but rather processed. It is hard to fake a vlog because it is a video. Living the kind of life they have is quite amazing. The fact that they can travel from place to place is just very cool. Or maybe that is what they have always imagined. And there goes the power of the mind. What if Imagine the same way? Probably 1 year from now, I’m living the life they have. Let us do some affirmation and get back to this blog after 1 year.

Things That Imagine Myself After 1 Year – April 2024

  • I established a passive income through vlogging and from this wordpress site.
  • I mastered Search Engine Optimization and was able to build a digital agency.
  • My graphic design grow into animation.
  • I was able to sell lots of paintings.
  • I travelled Egypt.
  • I travelled Turkey.
  • I migrated to Mexico together with my cat Boyito.

Those are my affirmations. For the things that I accomplished through the power of the mind are:

Establish edmy profession as freelance graphic designer.

Back in 2008, I was amazed with the BPO industry that you can outsource works from the US to the Philippines and India. The internet is so powerful that it created lots of work opportunities. Back then I have always dreamed of making my own service and getting customers from different parts of the world. Now, most of my clients are Latinos.

Buy Mac without a credit card.

When I become a freelance graphic designer, I have dreamed of buying Mac because it so powerful. With my savings I was able to buy one without credit card. Since then CASH ONLY has become my financial philosophy. If you can’t buy it cash, then IMAGINE you have cash to afford it.

Finished my master’s degree through freelancing.

When I was in high school, I have always to become a painter. Multimedia course is now yet available that time. There is only Fine Arts which is pricey for an average family and the promise of a stable work is uncertain. I just took other course and promised myself to get a course in arts once I got a work. Fortunately by 2006, multimedia arts started to emerge here in the Philippines. I took a crashed course in Adobe Illustrator and started to work as part time graphic designer while working int he field of information technology. By 2017, I started to study Master of Arts major in Multimedia Arts. I also told my professor that I my research is about Latin America. Despite the challenges that came along the way, I was able to earn the degree. By 2021 I received my diploma and transcript of records. Also, my research has a theme of Spanish colonization, galleon trade and Latin America especially Peru and Mexico. With the help of my friend and colleague from Peru, I was able to get respondents from Latin America.

Learn painting.

If there is something that is really hard for me to do, that is painting. But as I have mentioned above, I want to become a painter someday. Graphic design and painting maybe cousin but they are not twin. Graphic design is more of applied geometry while painting is like a chemistry. I don’t really know how I learned to paint. I just took an online course, watch youtube tutorials and thats it. But I can remember, that when I was a teenager, I read a lot about Modern Art painters. I would even photocopy texts from encyclopedia so I have something to read. I buy books from book sale outlets. I am sure I fed my mind with so much information about painting. And when the right time has come it bloomed out of my subconscious. I enjoy it a lot and make vlogs about it. Although I haven’t earned that much at present but pretty soon. I’ll get there I know. If you would ask me, I don’t have control over painting. It like the universe is telling me to do so. My graphic design and paintings are the things I can offer to this world.

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