Nautical Acrylic Painting: Man Surfing

This is the second time I made with a water sports theme. I like water sports but I don’t do surfing. But it’s nice to paint it because there are lots of movement. The sea is moving, the waves are flashing and the surfer dance with the waves. This is the first time I tried to paint sunset. As far as I know or I captured in my Nikon DSLR D620, the sunset is a deep ochre in color. But for art sake, let’s make it a gradation of red orange to yellow.

In this painting, I tried to balance the movement of my paintbrushes. I split them into two. A smooth sunset background and rugged waves. For the sunset I used a blending brush. For the waves, I used Borciani & Bonazzi flat paintbrush. If you notice the sky and the sea are contrasting in colors and textures, The sky is warm, the sea and cool. Same for the surfer and the sunset. It’s like the surfer is making most him time have fun before it gets dark. The surfer is accompanied by a seagull who seems to be having fun hanging out with a stranger.

Perhaps the reason why I paint this other than the ocean theme is that I am experience nostalgia. I missed the fun of traveling. I just cannot go out nowadays because I need to find more clients. Traveling is a bit expensive because I do out-of-the-country so I can collect stamps in my passport and then apply for visa so I can go to Egypt and Mexico. After a series of traveling last year, I know something in me has changed or rather I returned to real me. When I was in my teenage years and late 20’s, I love to go out-of-town. It is when I worked as in the corporate setting that I lost the idea of traveling which trapped my spirit. Last year, for some strange reason it feels that I am back to good old self. However, the downside is I lost focus on freelancing and started to lose clients. Although I don’t regret it because I don’t have any control over their decisions. The bright side is that I pursued to study videography and vlogging. It also opened my mind to look for passive income so I can earn while traveling that is why I resurrected my WordPress site. If I will be good in SEO then I can build a passive income and earn money while watching the sunset and the clashing of waves. Everything is so fleeting that is why i want to make use of my time. Life is like sea wave, it is unpredictable. There will be waves of fun, waves of problems and waves of opportunity. It is up to you if you watch and relax or surf with the waves.

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