Nautical Matte Acrylic Painting: Gannet

This is another painting of a a seabird particularly Gannet. It has the capability to dive into the sea. The way it dives is like a missile. Just imagine a flock of Gannet birds in the sky diving into the sea to catch sardines. What is different this time is that I used Strathmore Toned Gray paper and Golden SoFlat Matte Acrylics. Lately I was frustrated about the Strathmore Toned Gray and that I am blewing up most of my paintings. This time I limited the colors into blue and brown. I also used the dry brush technique.

For the blue part, I used Ultramarine Blue. The brown part is a combination of Cadmium Primrose, Naphtol red and Black Noir. I think It really works. Also I did not apply underpainting. Strathmore Tone Gray since its gray already, mutes the painting which I like because I don’t like colors that are shouting. Perhaps Ill try more of this Strathmore Toned Tan for my matte acrylic paintings.

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