Color Scheme – Winsor & Newton Acrylic Paints

The topic in this video is about color scheme. Color scheme is the framework for matching or selecting the
color harmony from the color wheel. The color scheme frameworks are:

  • Complementary colors are colors that are adjacent to each other. For example you have blue and violet, red and orange.
  • Analogous are colors that are close to each other side by side. For example you have blue violet, violet and red violet. Then blue blue, green and green. Also orange, yellow orange and yellow.
  • Triadic or the triangle. You just need to count one to three so from blue violet, another one to three then you have the red orange and another one to three you have yellow green. Then make another count and you will land exactly at the blue violet. Then you have a set of blue violet, red orange and yellow green. That’s how you get the triadic colors
  • Split complementary. Here you just have to get the adjacent color and split them into the colors on its side. For example, blue violet is adjacent to yellow orange. Split to the sides of yellow are orange and yellow. That’s how you will get the split complementary colors
  • Tetradic has four colors and the framework is a square. For example you have blue violet then blue make a square or rectangle to get orange and yellow orange. Or you have blue green and green then make a rectangle you will get the red and red orange

Color scheme is very useful especially for graphic designers and you could find online reference from Kuler. Kuler is a website dedicated for color scheme or color Harmony and it was eventually bought by Adobe so that’s why it is called Adobe Kuler. Another source or the best reference is Mother Nature so you can check the color of the sunrise, sunset, forest, seascape and landscape. Mother Nature has an infinite number of color harmony so I think she is the best teacher and the best reference for the arts.

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